About Richard's Glass & Glazing

I am an owner, running and operating a business, in an industry which I personally have more than 20 years of experience.

I got my start on the factory floor, where I learned all glass polishing, cutting and laminating techniques. After which, in the late 1990s I launched the first Autoclave Free PVB Plant in the Western Cape supplying stock sheets and cut-to-size MultiLam applications. I virtually invented “cracked glass” table and stair treads in the late 1990s. Read More

Our Products


Enhance the modern aesthetic of your home with our Glass Balustrades. Whether you need a balustrade for inside or outside, our glass farmeless or framed balustrades are perfect to achieve unobstructed views.. Read More


All glass splashbacks is an innovative way to protect painted walls behind stove tops and basins. All glass splashbacks have the added advantage that they are easy to clean and maintain due to usually being manufactured from one solid piece of glass… Read More


All-glass entrances add a modern aesthetic to any building as well as creating an open feeling. Our glass entrances combine a modern aesthetic with state-of-the-art installation systems making the glass.. Read More

Bullet-Proof Glass

Bullet-proof glass is one of the strongest kinds of glass available in South Africa. One important thing to remember is bullet-proof glass cannot stop any calibre of bullet, only the calibre it was designed to stop… Read More


Pool Panels & Rim-Flows

Rim flow pools, most commonly known as infinity pools have been around for a long time however, only recently their popularity has grown as a type of luxury pool… Read More

Office Partitioning

Glass office partitions allow light to enter a space while containing sound. We offer glass office partitions in framed and frameless designs. Our partitions can be fitted with hinge doors or sliding doors. Read More

Walk-On Floors

Glass adds a modern aesthetic to any environment, specifically homes. Glass floors instantly grab the attention of people as they are unique and stylish. You may think that having a glass floor is unsafe.. Read More


At Richard’s Glass and Glazing, we are continuously improving and rejuvenating our product range in order to keep pace with the ever-changing market and the latest trends. We have developed a reputation…. Read More