Enhance the modern aesthetic of your home with our Glass Balustrades. Whether you need a balustrade for inside or outside, our glass frameless or framed balustrades are perfect to achieve unobstructed views while also guaranteeing safety.

At Richard’s Glass and Glazing we listen to your ideas during the design phase and we ensure a professional and timely installation.

We offer three different types of installations. Please see them discussed below.

  • Side Mounted Balustrade is fitted by hanging the glass from the side of a building using stainless steel standoffs, to ensure the balustrades longevity.
  • A Sunken Balustrade is fitted into the deck, these balustrades are generally frameless. This process is generally more cost-effective when the prep work is done before the casting of the deck.
  • Top mounted Balustrades are fitted above the floor line, this is generally the most expensive balustrade fitting. However, it is also the most aesthetically pleasing fitting. This fitting is more expensive than the fittings above because of the hardware required.

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