Glass Sports Courts

Most modern gyms feature glass squash courts, it makes it easier to see in. It also allows spectators to watch if there’s an interesting game going on. The glass used for squash courts must be very durable, which is why they use a thick specialised toughened glass that has undergone a special process to reinforce its strength for squash courts as the ball will hit the glass additionally, players may bump the glass which is why it needs to be impact resistant.

The joints on the glass panels are hidden well so the view into the court is unobstructed, allowing an aesthetically pleasing modern look. The glass should have a thickness of at least 12 mm as a precautionary safety standard. The best benefit of the toughened glass is that if it ever were to crack it would break off into small blunt shards, instead of big sharp shards which can seriously hurt someone.

There are a lot of safety regulations that go into a squash court, which is why experienced and accredited professionals are contracted to install the glass for squash courts in gyms or in private facilities.

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