All-glass entrances add a modern aesthetic to any building as well as creating an open feeling. Our glass entrances combine a modern aesthetic with state-of-the-art installation systems making the glass easy to replace in the event of a crack.

We offer a variety of glass doors including sliding or stacker glass doors. Additionally, our glass entrance solutions are air and watertight and are SABS approved.

Glass entrances are ideal for allowing natural light to enter a space while maintaining sun protecting as the glass can be treated to block harmful UV rays.

Office Partitioning

Glass office partitions allow light to enter a space while containing sound. We offer glass office partitions in framed and frameless designs. Our partitions can be fitted with hinge doors or sliding doors.

If you wish to create additional office spaces in your office, we can manufacture the partitions quickly and can thus, offer a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to office partitions.

Whether you need to create new meetings rooms or install new divisions in current spaces we can customise a solution for you to suit all of your needs.

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