Our CEO Richard boasts over 20 years of experience in the industry. At Richard’s Glass and Glazing we pride ourselves on being specialists in a wide variety of glass solutions.

We are highly experienced in glass facade installations; our aim is to deliver cost effective glass facades that stand the test of time.

A glass facade provides a clean or modern aesthetic that is closely associated with modern or contemporary design. Glass facades or curtain walls are used by architects in the world’s most modern commercial and residential buildings.

Glass facades offer a wide variety of benefits that are not just aesthetic. Curtain walls act not only as a buffer by keeping the elements out of a building but, also act as an insulator helping to regulate a buildings temperature by reducing heat loss. Glass facades also allow natural light into a space as well as blocking harmful UV rays which protects items inside the building.

We provide various fixing methods for our curtain walls such as Pivot Doors, Fire doors and sliding doors upon architect’s request.

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