Bullet-Proof Glass

Bullet-proof glass is one of the strongest kinds of glass available in South Africa. One important thing to remember is bullet-proof glass cannot stop any calibre of bullet, only the calibre it was designed to stop. No kind of bullet-proof glass is totally “Bullet-proof”.

Bullet-proof glass is made of two layers, a resistant hard layer and a soft interlayer made of plastic usually polycarbonate which gives a flexible characteristic to the glass. Bullet-proof glass is made up of a number of multiple layers of Polycarbonate and is a hard layer of glass.

Bullet-proof glass is able to stop a bullet because it dissipates the energy sideways slowing the bullet down, as it goes through each layer until it eventually stops. Additionally, the glass panes in the pane do break. However the structure as a whole is held together by the plastic layers even though the glass is broken.

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